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preparing for the photo shoot

Before the photoshoot, we agree upon a place for the shoot to happen. I usually prefer that the photoshoot, with the exception of newborn sessions, takes place outside, as I am a lover of natural light.

You decide outfit(s) and look yourself; However, I am more than happy to come with suggestions. 

I always recommend earthy tones! (Cream, olive green, burgundy, mustard yellow, matte blue etc). 

It is nice for both children and family photos, that the outfits are in harmony with each other. 

Children should be well rested and fed before the shoot.

You may bring a couple of different outfits. Feel free to bring a snack, so we can keep the little one(s) happy the whole time. Also, if they have a favorite item, such as a teddy bear or security blanket, these are completely welcomed as well - they might even do well in the photos as cute props . 

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