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Everyone has a story to tell…and here’s mine.

I was born and raised in the peaceful countryside of Norway.

Growing up exploring old barns, playing with cows, riding horses, running through meadows and hiking in the mountains – all of this right outside my doorstep, naturally made me fall in love with the rustic and authentic elements of the world.

It was a big contrast for me when I, in 2012, packed my ol’ bags and moved across the Atlantic Ocean (and the US Continent!) to the urban jungle of Los Angeles. This is where I found my soul mate, and thankfully he happened to share the love that I have for the ‘old fashioned stuff’!

I’m now married to that soul mate, and we have a beautiful daughter, a handsome baby boy, and two cutie-pie rescue dogs together. We made suburbia (Santa Clarita) our home, which with it’s wonderful hikes and western-style towns, mixed with excellent shopping and just enough city-life-vibes, caters to both the old and the young soul in me.  To make a long story short – I love it here!


My photography definitely reflects who I am. I embrace “naturalness” and hunt for real-life moments. Therefore, I try to forgo forced smiles and poses. (Although sometimes they ARE necessary!) No matter age, race, religion or gender – I aim to be a storyteller through the lens, and with each “click” I hope to capture the story of the person in front of my camera.  

My specialties are engagements, maternity, children, and family. I also do events, such as weddings, birthdays and baby showers. Oh, and I LOVE cake smash sessions!


When I’m not holding my camera, my children's, or my hubsband’s hand, you’ll either find me hiking with our two four-legged ones, EDITING, drinking coffee (I really, really love coffee!), pretending to be a carpenter (our house is filled with DIY projects!), sewing, working out, or baking.


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