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Dress to "Empress"

Olivia and I were recently asked to do a photo shoot to promote a local store called 'Empress Arts'. We were given a lovely white linnen dress with sweet lace details, and with a few props, a happy toddler (Olivia) and a creative momma (me) behind the camera, we got a bunch of great pictures for the store.

Isn't the dress gorgeous!?

'Empress Arts' is a children's botique that specializes in joyful gifts and adorable baby/toddler wear. Check out for more delightful info and amazing scoops!

Lace details

Puffy arms

Who's hiding under that hat!?

Tulle details under the skirt

Happy girl in her new lovely dress!

Empress Arts has its own display at "Barn & Charm" in Newhall. Stop by and check it out!

Bibs, pacifiers, lamps, clothes, teddy bears, diaper covers...anything you need for your little one!

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