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Why I absolutely LOVE photos in black/white!

We don't see the world in black and white, we see colors! Lots and lots of colors. And although I really appreciate the joyful feeling I get when I edit a photo that is just 'popping' with different colors, I must say that I absolutely LOVE my black and white edits.

Why, you say? Well, to me it's simple: Black/white photos bring out emotions in a different, and perhaps better, way than a color photo does; it makes the moment 'stand still'; it grasps you; it's got more clarity; it tells a story deeper and more dramatic than a color photo.

This edit also makes the picture seem timeless, which is a big part of my photography style.

Take a look at a couple of my b/w pics!

This girl is only 6 years old! 6!!! The look on her face, the breeze catching her hair lightly, mixed with the b/w edit makes her look SO grown up!

Happiness highlighted with b/w

In deep thought. Those dramatic catchlights are not the same in color.

Pout snout! What do you feel this picture conveys?


Big dramatic eyes and lovely catchlights!

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